Economic Token of FABA

FABA is a platform based on Blockchain technology that will connect the venture capital economy market with the crypto world which will be beneficial on both sides. Faba offers investment to users through multi-functional FABA tokens, this token will be a tool for investment in various projects that have collaborated with Faba. As many as 110 projects for investment reference, users can choose the project based on voting rights obtained by users. Options appear when a user purchases a minimum of FABA tokens of 2000 FABA tokens.


Don’t forget, the Faba Platform was founded by experienced and professional people, who are interested in supporting projects and teams of people with ambitions to influence the world. Faba is an ambitious project, this platform wants to be the largest venture capital company that supports projects that change the game with a positive impact on our environment. Faba will also be supported by applications that will make it easier for users to:

  1. Monitor projects that have been invested by Faba and see their latest updates.
  2. Based on voting rights, users can help FABA to choose the right investment.
  3. Users can check updates and regular company news.

The FABA Token will connect the venture capital market with crypto. This token runs on the Ethereum network, as many as 160 M FABA tokens have been supplied. The FABA Token will transform traditional venture capital into a modern blockchain system so that it is more accessible to non-accredited investors. Through this token, Faba offers a very high economic value token. The token holder will get two benefits: Investment returns including Unicorn 1,100% for 8 years, 138% p.a. and return on investment excluding unicorn 282% for 8 years, 35% p.a.


The FABA token brings a new revolution to investment. These multifunction tokens, tokens will be traded on the exchange and become an effective investment tool for the venture capital economy. Through FABA tokens, token users are given voting rights to choose investment projects, this is a unique way and does not exist on other platforms.

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ICO from the FABA Platform

Hello friend!

Today my article will review ICO from the FABA platform, but for the initial review, I will explain the FABA platform first.

FABA is an investment-based, Blockchain technology platform that will connect the venture capital market economy with the crypto world. This platform was founded in the United Kingdom, by a group of experienced people, who are interested in supporting projects and teams of people with ambitions to influence the world. This is in line with the goals of the FABA platform, wanting to become the largest venture capital company that supports projects that change the game with a positive impact on our environment.

FABA offers users to invest through FABA tokens, a minimum investment of 2000 FABA tokens. Through this token, users will get voting rights to choose investment projects based on mutual agreement. Based on the Investment, users will receive dividends as follows:

  1. Revenue Acquisition – Initial Investment = Success Fund
  2. Success Funds * 0.7 = Amount to be distributed pro-rata among FABA token holders
  3. Success Funds * 0.3 = Amount of Success Funds that will be reinvested in the FABA portfolio
  4. Initial investment + Amount of Success funds that will be reinvested in the FABA portfolio = the amount to be used for further investment.

Next, I will specify the ICO FABA platform, the ICO Program is taking place at, the ICO is entering period 2 plus the bonus determined by the FABA team:

Period 2 ICO details and Bonuses:

01.03.2019 – 31.03.2019 ICO BONUS 20%

01.04.2019 – 30.04.2019 ICO BONUS 15%

01.05.2019 – 31.05.2019 ICO BONUS 10%

01.06.2019 – 30.06.2019 ICO

  • Minimum investment: $ 1300
  • Price of FABA tokens: $ 1.3
  • Number of investment projects: 110
  • Pessimistic ROI: 35% p.a. (not including Unicorn *)
  • Optimistic ROI: 138% p.a. (incl. Unicorn *)
  • Investor voting rights: 2000 tokens (FABA) = 1 vote

For investment, you can visit and the latest information is on the official FABA INVEST channel. thus reviewing the FABA platform, hopefully, it will become your investment reference.

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Benefits of the Vanta Network

What is the Vanta platform?

Vanta is a network platform based on Blockchain technology that ensures real-time, safe and personal connectivity. This is a blockchain platform that can solve problems that cannot be solved by common blockchain, and develop various services that require real-time networking. Vanta Network enables secure end-to-end encryption, personal identification, and modularity of network architecture in a protected decentralized network.

The Vanta network uses the ARKAS protocol, a breakthrough decentralized P2P network protocol, building channels that are seamless across all nodes. In addition, this network will realize efficiency and cost reduction because this network adopts Proof of Networking from Chain Kanus, a radical consensus algorithm that combines smart nodes and involves itself with Verifiable Random Function (VRF) and PBFT.

The Vanta network can be developed and in various institutions, personal or application developers.

  1. For the development of market networks, Vanta has partnered with Oracle and Microsoft. Both of these platforms have used the Vanta network to provide APIs and SDKs to attract existing company customers.
  2. Individuals and companies can develop real-time communication, collaboration, games, low-cost broadcast applications using the VANTA Network without setting up backend infrastructure.
  3. Applications that use the Vanta network are very beneficial for users to send, order, and collaborate tools such as calling, sharing data, in real-time with guaranteed privacy.
  4. Vanta networks can be adopted for streaming services, such as online courses, user-created video content, sports and game broadcasts, and VOD (video on demand) services such as film, entertainment, and music.
  5. Vanta networks can also be used for multi-user games, so users can share data, communicate, and connect between users in real-time.

Benefits of using the Vanta network.

There are many benefits to using the Vanta network, almost in various business sectors this network can be implemented so that it will form and lead to the rapid expansion of the Vanta ecosystem. The following are the benefits of the Vanta network:

  1. Vanta network is a real-time network that can be scaled, stable, and very safe at a low cost.
  2. Developers can quickly and cheaply develop real-time network capabilities based on Vanta without building separate servers or developing real-time networks from scratch.
  3. Through the Vanta network, developers will easily find it easy to integrate and combine various services because they communicate through common standards. Even without a separate payment system, the VNT Vanta token-based payment model can be easily designed and applied to real-time network services.
  4. Through the Vanta network, it allows developers to create creative and innovative applications that are not tied to the design of a typical business model.
  5. Through the Vanta network, users benefit from lower service and privacy costs.
  6. On the Vanta network, users can easily create Vanta accounts without separate subscription or authentication procedures, and user users can create new accounts at any time, further ensuring that an individual cannot be identified.
  7. Various organizations can use the Vanta network Because this network is very good for telecommunications.
  8. Vanta telecommunications networks can be built quickly and cost-effectively without the need for a separate server or infrastructure.
  9. The Vanta platform will also provide direct consultation and development specifically for cases where the government, company, or school, etc. Having technical difficulties in using Vanta as a telecommunications network.

Community Tokens

To strengthen the platform community, Vanta has created a token with the VNT symbol. this is a utility token that offers all Vanta platform services. VNT tokens are being published in the ICO period, you can contribute via


The Vanta network is great. In other words, this is technology that makes it easy for people to find, access, and utilize the information needed quickly. Real-time networking allows us to share information, streaming, games and creative application development.

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[NODVIX] Video Content Platform

Today I will introduce a new platform for the distribution of video content called NODVIX. Nodvix is ​​a 24-hour broadcasting platform for the distribution of interesting video content based on user desires. This platform utilizes Blockchain technology to transform the world of digital broadcasting in depth for content creators, advertisers, and viewers. Through Nodvix the absence of KYC, the government does not interfere in censorship issues and very easy user access for new content creators creates a unique environment and gives users freedom of speech.

Nodvix uses P2P technology for content distribution to its ecosystem participants, so it can reduce platform scaling costs and provide significant advantages over traditional broadcast resources and media hosting. the implementation of content distribution is self-regulated, decentralized, and anonymous with ongoing open online broadcasting. And, to get Nodvix services, users can use cryptocurrency issued a platform called KLK tokens, this is a cryptocurrency token as the main tool for payment services from Nodvix.

You need to know, broadcasting the Nodvix platform uses a P2P system that will reduce the cost of the broadcast network by 40% to 90%. this is very unique and different from other platforms with centralized media hosting.

To get strong support from users, Nodvix creates its own ecosystem that can be activated using NDVX tokens. This was done to create a Torrent-Node network to produce the work needed to maintain decentralized P2P networks. Torrent-Node is assigned to sort, rank, store content locally, ban illegal content, and broadcast via the NODVIX platform for media and advertising. The distribution of media content is carried out by special algorithms designed to ensure the content remains safe.

Torrent-Nodes are rewarded with their active participation in the system and receive a percentage of advertising revenue generated by the platform. There are two types of Torrent-Nodes in NODVIX Ecosystem:

  • Node-Unsupported: This is a node that does NOT install NDVX tokens and receives 2% of platform revenue driven by advertisers.
  • Master-Nodes: These are nodes that DO risk NDVX tokens and receive 8% of platform revenue driven by advertisers.

NDVX is the company’s internal digital currency. This token is an ERC20 token and is used as a payment tool and enabler for the Torrent-Node network. With the help of tokens, advertisers can pay for services with discounts that give them significant benefits. NDVX tokens are published in the ICO period, and this period is ongoing. Users or Investors can purchase tokens at The availability of tokens is very limited, so you immediately join in that period.

For platform information and token sales, you can visit the official Nodvix channel, and as supporting information I display the team profile and the Nodvix roadmap.

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[KlickZie] Sales Token Review

Hi friend, today I will introduce sales of tokens from the KlickZie platform. For the initial review, I will review what the KlickZie platform is?

KLickZie is a technology created by Tautachrome, the company has patented the technology for the development of smart phone applications through two platforms, KlickZie ArK (ArKnet “) and KlickZie Activated Imagery. Tautachrome has high-speed Blockchain technology for smartphone image authentication, network interaction image-based social and augmented reality marketing.

The KlickZie ArK platform (ArKnet “) allows sellers of goods and services to use the Augmented Reality interface, which consists of seller’s digital information, which advertises and facilitates the sale of goods or seller services using an interface located geographically branded ArK. Ark is easy to use, functions throughout the world and benefit all forms of trade. They serve the world trade in goods and services. Through KlickZie Ark will create the power of the blockchain from frictionless and automatic transactions between buyers and sellers in the world of trade for goods and services of all types.

The KlickZie Activated Imagery platform is global in nature, will serve smartphone users worldwide. Through this platform, it allows consumers to get the value of their image and their digital information that has been channeled to social networking systems.

Both KlickZie platforms are global and both tap organic activities from users they maintain. The ArKnet platform uses Augmented Reality to strengthen what marketing has been sold by the seller. The KlickZie activation platform allows trillions of images of smartphones and video frames produced every year to be converted from a pile of ordinary images into giant ecosystems of image products that can be monetized and believed to generate profits on the KLK blockchain.

You need to remember friends, both the KlickZie ArK platform (“ArKnet”) and KlickZie Activated Imagery implemented cryptocurrency transaction activities in the KLK ecosystem. Based on this, the Tautachrome Company launched the KLK token sales program, the aim of which was to support global trade in digital goods, services, and information made possible by the newly patented KlickZie technology, and needed to support proximity, transparency, security and global reach of trade.

KLK Token is the ERC20 standard Ethereum platform token for the KlickZie ecosystem to get all the services offered by the platform. As many as 1,000,000,000 KLK have been supplied for the KlickZie platform and for the period of sale allocated as much as 50% or 500,000,000 KLK. For details on selling tokens, I review below:

  1. Contributions,
  2. Token name: KlickZie
  3. Ticker: KLK
  4. Standard: Ethereum ERC20
  5. Total supply: 500,000,000 KLK
  6. Fundraising goal: $ 150,000,000
  7. Implied market cap: $ 450,000,000
  8. Sales period: KlickZie plans four 90-day bids in 2018 and 2019, the first of which is prepared in November 2018, and the last is scheduled to begin in April 2020.

For additional information, I attach below this team profile, the platform roadmap, and the KlickZie information channel. Again, to contribute visit the website

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Review of the Grabity Project

What is Grabity?

How are you friend. Today I will review a new project for the development of the Internet world better, this project is called Grabity.

Grabity is a project based on the Blockchain technology, to transform the Internet paradigm from a centralized network to a distributed network. This platform will optimize the use of 100% storage space in smartphones, tablets, and PC, so that their performance is better than before. In addition, when the Grabity project reaches the commercialization stage, anyone will be able to use distributed nodes to replace the Internet paradigm.

Orbits Network

Grabity uses Orbit networks to optimize distributed wireless communication. Orbits Network is the main decentralized Grabity network that attracts truly distributed P2P networks by utilizing all idle, wired / wireless computer resources. Transactions from Orbits Network are managed efficiently by using Genesis Hoisting technology, which can process transactions simultaneously and quickly.

Planet Wallet

Planet Wallet is the official Orbits network node and wallet client. To secure users, Planet Wallet will be released before the launch of the main net with the function of transferring tokens easily via mobile numbers, along with storing and transferring tokens in the application between exchanges. After the main net launch, the node and DApp Store application functions will be added.

Grabity Ecosystem

The Grabity Ecosystem consists of nodes, communities, DApp, and platforms, and each institution contributes to the ecosystem based on the token economy. We present economic tokens and various requirements so that the ecosystem functions and develops as follows.

  1. DApps. The main net value depends on the number of DApp. Most DApp users come from existing application users, so Grabity provides DApp Store that is familiar to existing application users. DApp Store will be released on PC and cellular versions related to wallets and other exchanges.
  2. Grabity Tokens. This project has issued a token named Grabity with the symbol GBT. This token runs on the Ethereum ERC-20 network with a total supply of 10,000,000,000,000 GBT. The GBT Token is issued in addition to consideration of the inflation rate for the purpose of compensating computer resource providers. The inflation rate can be flexible, but it will be determined in a way that does not exceed 5% to protect token holders and ecosystem participants. You need to know, the ERC20-based GBT will be replaced with GBT-based Network Orbits after the main net launch.

GBT has been launched in the sales period through You can contribute to the website page as soon as possible, because the token inventory is limited. The following are the sales details of tokens:

  • Token name: Grabity
  • Token symbol: GBT
  • Network: Ethereum, ERC20
  • Total sales of tokens: 7,000,000,000 GBT, 70% of the total supply of tokens.
  • Hard stamp: 30,000,000 USD
  • Soft cap: 10,000,000 USD

Pre-sales allocation of 20% or 1,400,000,000 GBT

  1. Schedule = 2019.5.1 – 2019. 5. 31
  2. Price 1 GBT = 0.0053 $
  3. Lock period release every month by 20%
  4. Minimum Purchase = 1ETH
  5. Bonus = 10%
  6. Pre-sale has a lock-in period. And 20% will be released every month; April 1st 2019 (20%), May 1st 2019 (20%), June 1st 2019 (20%), July 1st 2019 (20%), August 1st 2019 (20%).

The allocation for public sales is 30% or 2,100,000,000 GBT

  1. Schedule 2019.7.1 – 2019.7.31
  2. Price 1 GBT = 0.0053 $
  3. Lock period = N / A
  4. Minimum Purchase = N / A
  5. Bonus = 0%
  6. Public sale does not have a lock-up period.

Visit, to purchase GBT tokens.

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Review – CryptoCircle exchange platform

What is the CryptoCircle exchange?

Hi. This time I will review the CryptoCircle (CryptoCircleX) exchange platform, a unique, UI-based (interface) exchange platform accompanied by a comprehensive and easy-to-use tool for beginners, as well as professional, safe and tested that considers the best customer interests in data, security, customer service, trading tools, and convenience.

Platform Features

The CryptoCircleX platform is amazing, this platform brings many features that distinguish it from other platforms. All features are useful for traders who use this platform. Here are some platform features:

  1. All of our security and speed of exchange are designed so that customers are not afraid of hackers taking their assets.
  2. CryptoCircleX has a great server so this platform exchange can handle up to 10 million transactions per second.
  3. The platform has an algorithm that assesses the level of risk of each transaction, is able to trade a lot of cryptocurrencies up to more than 1,600
  4. The platform has supported the Neo protocol for smart contracts, and accommodates special APIs and will integrate payment rails for Euro to BTC, USD to BTC, and others.
  5. The UI is designed so that users can configure it according to the user’s wishes.
  6. The platform has 24-hour direct customer chat support so you don’t have to worry about having a support ticket in the queue for days because this platform will be available 24/7 to help with user problems.
  7. There are multi-language services for users.
  8. Test the CCX economic token for users.

CryptoCircleX Token

The CryptoCircleX Token is intended for the public, which was launched in the ICO period so that anyone can participate on this platform. CCX tokens are tokens running on the Ethereum network, the platform has allocated 600 million CCX for the ICO period. Users or investors can join in the ICO period through, payment contributions use digital assets that have been determined by the platform. The following is a picture of the details of sales of CCX tokens


for consideration, I attach Team Members, business partners, and the CryptoCircleX roadmap. For more information on the official channel of the platform.

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